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We will make your new FIFA 22 game more realistic! IMs mod 22  will help you immerse yourself in the world of real football - the real design of stadiums (the latest fan banners and flags), photos of players (our good old GIGAmod), boots, kits and other graphics!
We're with you ! The story goes on...

Let's go!

FIFA 22-legends-IMstudiomods-website.jpg
Squads file

- 105 BASE Icons
- 105 MIDDLE Icons
- 19 FUT Heroes
- All Icons are 19 
- Some Icons are in clubs and in Free Agents

click on photo to see details

FIFA 22-IMstudiomods.jpg
Squads file

Original rosters.To open you need DB Master by Rinaldo

FIFA 22-IMstudiomods-page.jpg

To open you need DB Master by Rinaldo