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This page is dedicated to programs for changing your favorite FIFA games from EA. Only working versions!

All keys are here (fifa 22 etc)----->





FIFA 23 etc.

The powerful Editor can be used to create mods for FIFA, with the ability to import and export textures, legacy files and RES/CHUNK files, with many more features to help you along the way.

EDITOR TOOL 1.0.9 (if need!)

IMstudiomods-FIFA editor tools-fifa editor tool.webp

Mod Manager
1.1.4 FIFA 21-23!
You can use the Mod Manager to import and apply mods made from others (or yourself) made by the Editor, and has the power to play with multiple mods at the same time.
Mod Manager 1.0.9 (if need)

IMstudiomods-FIFA editor tools.webp

Hey all!
Who wants that any versions of mods for FIFA 17,18,19 worked correctly install All in one runtimes(Framework)!

Frosty-EDITION TOOLS- .png


This tool will allow you to mod FIFA 17- 20 files and textures:

Here the features of the latest version:



Fixed issue with the editor crashing when trying to load FIFA20!!!!!!

- Added FIFA20 full profile - Updated SDK for SWBF2 - Updated SDK for BFV - Updated SDK for Anthem - Fixed crash when attempting to load meshes in BFV

  • Added filtering to the property grid. Can filter by property name or by an internal/external guid

  • Fixed an issue where newer format EBX were not rewriting correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the editor would crash when trying to display an invalid reference

  • Fixed some more reference assigning issues

  • Fix to numerous assets not being able to be opened

  • Fix for indexing assets after patch causing Frosty to crash with Anthem

  • ResMeta now exported along with res (first 0x10 bytes) and imported

  • Fix to 2gb limit on chunk based superbundles

  • Fixed issue with inserted items appearing in incorrect locations

  • FIFA 20 etc!!!!!!!!!

RDM 20-22

This tool for work or change FIFA 20 career files

DB Master

 DB master tool





  • Unzip to a fresh directory, DO NOT unzip over an existing installation, doing so will result in the Editor/Mod Manager not working.

  • This version requires .NET Framework 4.7 at a minimum.

  • Added a Battlefield4 profile

  • Added the ability to import/export textures (2d/array/cube) to and from PNG/TGA/HDR and DDS

  • Fixed an issue with Windows 10 update 1809 unable to launch modded games

  • Updated various SDKs to latest patch version

FIFA 14 edition tools

FILEmaster, DBMaster, CMaster,I68 regenerator four programs for editing your favorite game. The most recent, real working versions!

Четыре программы для редактирования Вашей любимой игры.Самые свежие,рабочие версии!

Size 18 mb rar.

FIFA 15 edition tools

CMaster 15 (by Rinaldo),FHL-BH editor(by Bernd)

 The most recent, real working versions!

Две программы для редактирования Вашей любимой игры.Самые свежие,рабочие версии!

Size 19 mb rar.

FIFA 16 editon tools

CMaster 16 (by Rinaldo),FHL-BH editor(by Bernd)

The most recent, real working versions!

Две программы для редактирования Вашей любимой игры.Самые свежие,рабочие версии!

Size 18.58 mb rar.

FIFA 17-18 edition tools

These 2 programs for extracting files from your favorite game. The most recent, working versions!

Эти 2 программы для извлечения файлов из Вашей любимой игры.Самые свежие,рабочие версии!

Size 3 mb rar.

Please reload



This exclusive tool use the same EA Sport code and workaround in order to generate
Squads+correct header like you downloaded from online Squads updated in-game.
After db edits you can make Squads working 100% with one click.

– export/import database from save squads
– generate properly save file header in order to load your edits

Anyway there are some tips for you,
because the code I’ve included is recognized as virus, not with all but with Avira for sure,
and also in my pc, but don’t worry because is only a false positive.

INSTALLATION TIPS (how to avoid issue with your pc protection)
– create a folder on desktop, add this folder to the antivirus exceptions,
then extract my rar archive inside, done. Run main exe to start tool.

Or just disable you antivir protection while you are using the tool.
The issue is in the code to edit Squads internal name, when a new exe pop-up.

After conversion you can see the created folder for you in the root (\FIFA19Squads).
Output folder will be different if you are editing the 18 or 19.

In the future the main code will be updated, this is like a beta release, but atm works very well.

This tool is for modders or already experts fifa modders.
You must always clean the db by bogus (zero null values) rows in tables before you import the edited db back,
otherwise the Squads_Mod will not work in career mode but just in kick off.

How to install
1) First unpack Frosty Editor and Frosty Mod Manager to different folders. 
2) Run Frosty Editor, search for FIFA17.exe and install ( check video )
3) Run Frosty Mod Manager, search for FIFA 17.exe and install
( check video )
4) Origin must be opened and we suggest disconnected to servers.
5) Import mods with Frosty Mod Manager. Once imported double click on the mod and it will become enabled.
6) Launch FIFA from Frosty Mod Manager ( not from Origin )

Как установить
1) Сначала распакуйте Frosty Editor и Frosty Mod Manager в разные папки.
2) Запустите Frosty Editor, найдите FIFA17.exe и установите (проверьте видео)
3) Запустите Frosty Mod Manager, найдите FIFA 17.exe и установите
(проверьте видео)
4) Происхождение должно быть открыто, и мы предлагаем отключить серверы.
5) Импортируйте моды с Frosty Mod Manager. После импорта дважды щелкните по модулю, и он станет включенным.
6) Запуск FIFA от Frosty Mod Manager (не из Origin)

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