F I F A   2 2 IMs mod  

We will make your new FIFA 22 game more realistic! IMs mod 22  will help you immerse yourself in the world of real football - the real design of stadiums (the latest fan banners and flags), photos of players (our good old GIGAmod), boots, kits and other graphics!
We're with you ! The story goes on...

IMs mod-FIFA 22-IMstudiomods.jpg

Included,unlocked and improved:

- latest oficial update FIFA 22 are included!

- Juventus,Lazio,Atalanta... is real now (names,logos,kits,flags,scarves)

- kits (missing and false, incl.)

- overlays and adboards (total 21/22)

- minifaces (latest GIGAmod are included)

- logos(crests)

- real banners and ultras flags

- other graphic

Size: 689 mb

Compatible with any FIFA 22 patches using the original database

To install the product you will need FIFAmanager 1.0.9!