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FIFAXXIMs frosty mod
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FIFAXXIMs mod 3.5-IMstudiomods.jpg
FIFAXXIMs mod 6.0.2-IMstudiomods.jpg
FIFAXXIMs mod 6.0.2-IMstudiomods.jpg

Included  140 faces(+latest FIFA update -the new star heads are mainly from Norwich FC, Aston Villa, CD Universidad Católica and Pumas UNAM) and actual squads on 10.12.2019!

Included latest FIFA 20 update (06.12.2019) etc.!

All clubs (more than 900) adboards,banners,logos,HQ minifaces and many more in NEW mod for FIFA 20!

Install with Frosty manager WITH ALL OTHER FIFA 20 mods!

                                                                        Size: 395 mb


Before using this mod in folder Documents/FIFA20/setting delete SQUADS and SETTING files!

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Brazil Seria A league are included! Fb.mod.Instruction in .rar! Instal with Frosty manager !

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FIFA 20-unloced

                       Real sponsors mod

Put this file on way C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 20\Data and enjoy!

Install this file (with replacement) after each official updating! And everything will be OK:D

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Actual rosters for FIFA 20 on 14.12.2019 (latest transfers Perin-Benfica (and 31 other transfers),missing players+official update 14.12.2019)!

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New update icons!

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FIFA 20-Boca mod-IMstudiomods.jpg

All graphic what you need forInclude with Frosty Editor1.0.5.7!

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