FIFA 14,15,16,17,18,19,20
We are proud to introduce our GIGAMOD!
More than 50 000 thousand the latest photos of football players for your favourite games of a series of FIFA!
Automatic installation will allow you to save time, and continuous regular updates guarantee that you have the newest photos of your idols!
Download, establish and enjoy a new type of your favourite game!

Our GIGAmod will give you the opportunity to see your players in current form. You will agree that very often instead of an adult man we see a naughty young man, and the football player who has long grown a beautiful beard suddenly appears smoothly shaved and also in the shirt of the club in which he played many years ago! So most of the players don 't have their real face in the game!That is why we make our GIGAmod in which only relevant photos carefully made by us for you decorate your game (especially inCAREER mode!).So download,install and enjoy!

                                         Weekly updating!

                               New GIGAmod 2021 february FINAL :

48 719 the latest photos of football players for your favourite games of a series of FIFA !

Automatic installation will allow you to save time!

Included all leagues total update:

Tinkoff RPL (total),La Liga,Segunda,Mexico,Argentina,EPL,Liga 1,Serie A,B,Turkey Super Lig,Bundesliga,Brazil and many more...

Installation and uninstallation in one click!

Instruction in archive!

Is installed over any your portraits(minifaces) and old GIGAmod versions! 

.RAR size 296 mb

Before installation of new GIGAmod uninstall the old version that there were no nonexistent players!

GIGAmod by IMstudiomods  2021 ON 02/26/2021

48 719 actual HQ minifaces (LATEST TRANSFERS 2021 etc) rx3 format

Size 264 mb rar

Unpack archive on the way:
C or D / Programm Files/FIFA 14,15,16...
Replace on demand.
Enjoy relevant minifaces in high quality!



FIFA 21 17 000 minifaces full set for FIFA 14,15,16 PACK

FIFA 21 17 000 minifaces full set for FIFA 14,15,16 PACK

FIFA 20 GIGAmod for original or crack vers. 2020  All missing & actual HQ minifaces(BPL,RPL etc) and 3d heads fb.mod

Will combine with the begun career.

COMPATIBLE with latest update (12.08.2020)

Installing with Frostymanager!.

Actual new image!!!

FIFA 20 GIGAmod file project(for modders only!

FIFA 19 NEW GIGAmod for original or crack  12.12.2020

48 200  actual HQ minifaces (new BPL,RPL image etc) and 3d heads fb.mod

Will combine with the begun career.

Installing with Frostymanager!.


How install GIGAmod 

Instructions for installation and use, answers to frequently asked questions.
Инструкции по установке и использованию,ответы на наиболее часто задаваемые вопросы.

Instructions for installation.

Extract the archive along the path:

C:\Games or Program files\Origin games\data\ui\imgAssets

If necessary, replace the files on demand.

Regenerate with the help of programs.




Enjoy the new look of your favorite game!


We warn our version of the file is completely safe (checked for viruses and so on.) For downloaded from other resources (and \ or under other links) our GIGAmod administration is not responsible!
Good luck!​​

Предупреждаем наша версия файла абсолютно безопасна (проверена на вирусы и тд.),за скачанный с других ресурсов(и\или под другими ссылками) наш ГИГАмод  администрация ответственности не несёт!



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