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F I F A   2 3 IMs mod  

We will make your new FIFA 23 game more realistic! IMs mod 23  will help you immerse yourself in the world of real football - the real design of stadiums (the latest fan banners and flags), photos of players (our good old GIGAmod), boots, kits and other graphics!
We're with you ! The story goes on...

             IMs graphic mod


               IMSGM 2.4.1 BASE


Included,unlocked and improved:

-all graphic for WC 2022

- Napoli,Lazio,Atalanta... is real now (players       names,logos,kits,banners,flags,scarves)

- KITS SEASON 2023 are improved

- overlays adboards (dynamic etc.) total 2022/23

- new scoreboards

- minifaces ( 2023 etc,latest GIGAmod )

- 528 3d faces are included (Brazil Seria A etc)

- logos(crests)

- authentic banners and ultras flags (all clubs and NT*)

- authentic scarves for all fans (all clubs and NT*)

- other graphic

Latest of.update FIFA 23 are included.

All of containers/parts of our mod are compatible with all mods FIFA 23!

IMSGM 2.4.1 BASE mod - size 900 mb (all faces are included)

*National teams

** players removed from FIFA 23 (due to the transition to clubs not represented in FIFA will be transferred to the IMs team by default)

To install the product you will need FIFA manager 1.1.3!


FIFA 23 with mods not working with EA App EA App has an issue where it does not accept command line arguments very well, so for some users launching the game with the tool when using EA App may launch default FIFA. There are two soloutions to this: 1. The easiest is to use Origin. You can download the installer here: 2. In EA App, find FIFA 23 in your game library and click the "Manage" button, then "View Properties", and put -dataPath FIFAModData in the "Advanced launch options" input. From there, launch via the tool again. Once the game has launched, close it, then launch via EA App, and it should work. Note, when this command line argument is enabled, the game will launch with modded data. If you want to launch with default FIFA, remove the launch argument, or create a new project in the tool and launch the game there.

FIFA 23-IMstudiomods-FIFA 23 faces.jpg

Update 2.5.0 for our basic IMSGM (UPDATE!).

Includes changing compositions and new 3d faces (see photo).*


SIZE: 863 mb

* Just replace in your FIFA Mod Manager v1.1.3 faces container BASE to the new faces container 2.5.0!

FIFA 23-IMstudiomods-kits 23-24.jpg


BVB 4th

Milan X KOCHÉ 4TH and gk

SEASON 2023:


SEASON 23/24:

Real Madrid total

Arsenal home,away

Chelsea home

Liverpool home kit

Barcelona home,away and third kits

Atletico Nacional

Bari home,gk

SIZE: 63 mb

* Put  in your FIFA Mod Manager conteiner  special and season 23/24 kits!

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