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KBR mod TU 15.webp

IMSGM KBR mod 2.0 TU 15.1 BETA
Graphic for FC 24.* CAREER mode has been fixed and is working correctly
-   3 new league are included:
Brazil league 20 clubs (championship,cup and supercup)

For correct work of Brazil league, use the English,Portugal Brazil or Portugal location (language)
Kazakhstan league (championship,cup and supercup)
RPL 16 clubs (championship,cup and supercup)

For correct work of KFL and RPL, use the Russian location (language)
                  -   Autenthic kits (missing /wrong : clubs and national teams)24/25 etc.
               -    Our branded banners, flags, scarves for all clubs and NT  (newest) 
                              -   Brazil  clubs are included( squads,stadium graphic,3D faces and minifaces) 
           -  Improved missing and not actual HQ minifaces (more than 6600)
       -  Roma,Lazio,Atalanta,Napoli and other incorrect teams in game
(all graphic,squads and players skills are improved) 
                 -   More than 419 real 3D faces   (
         -  Latest  summer transfers are included                                          

in our KBR mod for FC 24 GLOBAL UPDATE!

For correct operation, use ModManager 1.1.8 (new) (download)
SIZE: 2170 mb

ATTENTION! For the correct operation of our mod. Follow the following installation procedure: 1. KBR FC 24 mod 2. faces addon

419 real 3D faces   (DETAILS)  

Brazil Seria A

Mod included Brazil Seria A league! 01.05.2024

Using with IMSGM mod UPDATE 23.

Watch the video instructions carefully!


TUTORIAL how making league with Brazil teams(IMstudiomods squads only)

OTHER FC 24 mods

Anths FC24 GAME PLAY #TU12 Easily the best gameplay patch out there. This guy has put countless of hours and have been doing gameplay modding since it has been available(FIFA 20 era). Probably the most balanced, realistic and fun gameplay mod out there where player individuality matters and the CPU AI is realistic and have tons of variety. Each match is different and fun. Try it and you won't regret it!

Grab the latest and instant news of FC 24 mods at Imstudiomods of current season.

FC 24

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