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                                                         Good news!

Updated graphic (from FC 24 and other works)of our mod! SEASON 2024! 

IMSGM mod 2024


                             FIFA19 IMs GRAPHIC mod 2024 BASE 2 !

INCLUDED FC 24 graphic etc.

SEASON 2024 new graphic(FC 24 etc),players(NEW TALENTS from FC 24 etc),

clubs and many more... for!

All clubs are transferred to leagues of a season 2024!

Some new 3d faces,crests,actual HQ minifaces!
Leagues of Brazil, Russia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Greece are included!

Actual rosters (3000 new players are included)


Install with Frosty Tools Suite!

Size: 2.97 GB .rar


In folder documents/FIFA 19/setting delete settings and squads file!

If you have problems with squads file:

1.Delete  files in Document\FIFA 19\Setting\ settings and squads file!!!

2.Delete all old mod files in Frosty Mod Manager!!!

3.Unpack our archives, start the game with Frosty manager with new files and enjoy!

To install the product you will need FIFA manager 1.1.3!


IMs graphic mod FIFA 19 season 2024  BASE 2 on 25.04.2024 db & graphic update
Kits new season 2024 and 24/25(EPL,Bundesliga,La Liga,Serie A ,Liga I...),balls,overlays,included actual teams/leagues
(Brazil,Czeh,Greece,Russia leagues are included),new shoes,adboards(total)...

size: 2970
 mb .rar

FIFA 19 IMs graphic mod BASE-2.webp


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