Mods and patches,banners,flags and cut-out portraits for FIFA 17 made by IMstudiomods team.
FIFA 17-IMs GRAPHIC-IMstudiomods.jpg
FIFA 17-IMs GRAPHIC mod-IMstudiomods-202


More than 360 new banners, 700 kits ( national teams,RPL  total etc)

,all adboards,banners,shoes, 153 new faces and many more.

Included more than 4000 missing and updated players  with FIFA 21 skills!

Actual league teams links season 20/21!

Details on:




Hello! Some necessary explanations and tips. 1.Before starting a new mod, delete from the Documents / FIFA 17 / setting folder squads files

1.1 In the game, after starting in the profile, reset the squads

Welcome to FIFA 17 season 20/21!


Mod including with Frosty mod manager!

 In the next update, national teams will be completely updated (all graphics) and much more (estimated release date is the end of next week). 

Size: 730 mb .rar